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Bauenort provides a broad level of development capabilities across a range of property types, in addition to development management consulting services to a multitude of businesses.

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property development

Bauenort Developments is responsible its own right, or by  Joint Venturing with others, to undertake the development of projects under the private Bauenort Group. Their diverse expert skills allow them to undertake projects across the following sectors:

  • Apartments
  • Retail
  • Integrated housing
  • Commercial
  • Land subdivision
  • Resort / Leisure
  • Retirement Living

Our strategic and transparent approach during the entire development process ensures we identify and manage risk and covers:

  • Acquisition
  • Design and Planning
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Construction
  • Settlement
  • Post Settlement 

Bauenort achieves the best project outcomes by forming the right alliances and ensuring the key project drivers are incorporated early in the delivery strategy.

property development consulting

Bauenort provides a range of property development consulting services to both private individuals and businesses.

Bauenort’s clients access a depth of experience at both a strategic and tactical level and offer an involvement along the development process including:

  • Acquisition
  • Joint Venture establishment and management
  • Negotiation of key project agreements
  • Concept design and master planning
  • Planning approvals
  • Construction procurement
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Feasibility and project performance reporting
  • Project funding and restructuring

Bauenort has developed a reputation as property experts who call it as it is, whilst developing commensurate. achievable and realistic outcomes for the appropriate risk appetite.

business advisory services 

Bauenort also provides strategic advice to Corporate, Institutional and Private Capital clients.

Bauenort can represent clients at any level, functioning as an extension of their organisation and forming the right alliances from effective industry relationships to navigate complex transactions to achieve the best project outcomes. Bauenort identifies the key success factors for projects early in the planning process to ensure surplus creation and ultimately profit protection.

Bauenort forms appropriate alliances to achieve the best outcomes.

Services include:

  • Strategic Business advice
  • Commercial and Transaction Advisory
  • Project Business Feasibility Studies
  • Contract Negotiation Business Structuring
  • Capital Funding Solutions
castle hill

Bauenort is pleased to be trusted advisors along the journey to:

hook island
I had the pleasure of working closely with Bauenort as the Development Managers for the Sandhurst development. Their ability to consultant with a diverse range of key stakeholders and balance their needs, delivered a “premier” residential and golfing development embraced by all.

Julian Murray
CEO – Sandhurst Club