What We Do



Bauenort Investments allows its investors to gain exposure to quality property investments without having to manage the direct property assets personally. Bauenort Investments can manage all investment and asset management decisions made on behalf of investors.

As a boutique property investment group, Bauenort facilitates, manages and structures equity partner investments in residential and commercial development projects to maximise returns and minimise risk whilst providing full and open disclosure at all times.

The investment approach is grounded in disciplined analysis and the principles of value investing and property development fundamentals. The key objective of Bauenort Investments is to achieve returns and project outcomes that deliver, and in some cases, exceed the expectations and hurdles established at the project’s commencement. The Directors will pursue both strategic and opportunistic developments to achieve this objective.

Bauenort has formed a number of strategic relationships with various property groups which give it a significant advantage in terms of access to extensive property opportunities.

Bauenort also benefits from its association with property specialists in the area of asset and project management, funds administration, accounting and compliance, financial structuring and underwriting, product distribution and corporate advisory expertise which we have used successfully on past investment and property projects.