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Bauenort Developments is responsible its own right, or Joint Venturing with others, to undertake the development of projects under the private Bauenort Group. Their diverse expert skills allow them to undertake projects across the following sectors:

  • Apartments
  • Retail
  • Integrated housing
  • Commercial
  • Land subdivision
  • Resort / Leisure
  • Retirement Living

We seek to create unique places that appropriately integrate and enhance the character of their location. We are passionate about the impact our projects have on the lives of the people who reside within them and the contribution they make to their surroundings.

Our strategic and transparent approach during the entire development process ensures we identify and manage risk during the entire development process covering:

  • Acquisition;
  • Design and Planning;
  • Marketing;
  • Sales;
  • Construction; and
  • Settlement

Bauenort achieves the best project outcomes by forming the right alliances and ensuring the key project drivers are incorporated early in the delivery strategy.