What We Do



Bauenort provides a full service of development management consulting services to its clients across a broad range of property project types. Bauenort Consulting assist private individuals or corporate clients who require specific or general property advice.

This means that you have access to strategic and tactical advice at any point during the development process:

  •  Acquisition
  •  Joint Venture establishment and management
  •  Negotiation of key project agreements
  •  Concept design and master planning
  •  Planning approvals
  •  Construction procurement
  •  Marketing and Sales
  •  Feasibility and project performance reporting
  •  Project funding and restructuring

Bauenort can represent its clients at any level, functioning as an extension of their organisation. Bauenort advise on the right alliances early to achieve the best project outcomes and identify the key success factors for projects to ensure surplus creation and ultimately profit protection.